New Phone & Fax Numbers

Note: Effective immediately, the Town of Eau Galle office has new phone and fax numbers, as listed below:

  • Phone: 715-684-3015
  • Fax: 715-684-5210

Notice to all town residents

Citizens are reminded that signs are not allowed in the Town of Eau Galle right of way, normally 33ft from the centerline of the road. This includes real estate signs, advertisements and any other signs. All signs that are in the Town right of way will be removed by the Town and the owner of the sign will be charged for the expense involved.

-- Eau Galle Town Board

Local Weather

Public Notice – 2016 Budget Hearing

Notice is hereby given that the budget hearing for the 2016 budget for the Town of Eau Galle St. Croix County will be held on November 9, 2015 at 6:45 PM at the Eau Galle Town Hall.

Detailed copies of the 2016 budget are available from Town Board members by appointment.

The following summarizes the 2016 budget proposal:

Budget Summary 2016
Carryover from previous year25,00050,000
Intergovernmental Revenue120,534120,620
Public Charges31,34231,342
Total Revenue432,589451,309
General Government63,83562,885
Public Safety86,86986,265
Culture & Recreation00
Debt Service00
Total Expenses432,589451,309
Balance 10-14-2015186,632
Proposed Balance 12-31-201525,000
Budget Revenue for 2016432,589
Budget expense for 2016432,589
Proposed Balance 12-31-201625,000
Tax Levy for 2015236,995
Tax Levy for 2016242,901
Tax Levy for 2016 is a 2.4% increase