Notice to all town residents

Citizens are reminded that signs are not allowed in the Town of Eau Galle right of way, normally 33ft from the centerline of the road. This includes real estate signs, advertisements and any other signs. All signs that are in the Town right of way will be removed by the Town and the owner of the sign will be charged for the expense involved.

-- Eau Galle Town Board

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Minutes: April 10, 2017 Board Meeting

Minutes of 04-10-2017 Eau Galle Board Meeting

Minutes are unofficial until approved by Town Board

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Chairman Lund at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall.

Chairman Lund indicated that notice of the meeting was posted as required by Statutes.

Town Board members present were Kevin Larson, Amy Shafer, Jim Lund and William Peavey.

The agenda was approved on a motion by Amy Shafer second by Kevin Larson, motion carried.

Minutes of the 03-13-2017 Board Meeting were approved on a motion by Kevin Larson second by Amy Shafer, motion carried.

Bills for the month were reviewed.  Motion by Amy Shafer second by Kevin Larson to approve bills as presented, motion carried.

Clerk reviewed correspondence

Building Permits issued in past month were reviewed.

Chairman Lund reviewed need to set date for Board of Review and immediately adjourn, Board of Review will meet 05-08-2017 at 6:50 PM and immediately adjourn until August 30 at 2:00 PM.

Chairman Lund reviewed need to appoint 2 members to the Planning Commission, motion by Kevin Larson second by Amy Shafer to appoint David North and Pete Heebink to two year terms, motion carried.

Road Work 2017

  • Kevin Larson cut and removed trees down in ditches
  • Truck being parked on Sandpiper
  • No weight Limit signs on 270th
  • Flip signs over as of 04-10
  • Culvert on 25th washed out
  • Kurt Swanson driveway on 25th will not need a culvert

Chairman’s Report

  • Audit completed
  • 04-22 Cleanup day
    • Advertise
  • 04-18 Annual Meeting
    • Roads
    • Loan
    • Tax Levy
    • Mobile Homes
    • Noise
  • Mowing Hall & Cemetery
  • Planning Committee
    • Duplex-Number of lots used

Open Forum

  • WTA workshop 05-18
    • Amy Shafer may attend
  • Do water test at Hall
  • May need additional fire proof filing cabinet

Next meeting 05-08-2017at 7:00 with Board of Review at 6:50

Motion to adjourn by Amy Shafer second by Kevin Larson, motion carried.

William Peavey